Introducing Live Price Comparison

monster high

Here at, we’re always trying to think of ways to make life easier and more fun for everyone. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our new price comparison tool which will provide you with live online pricing details of the hottest toys and games.

Featured directly alongside our comprehensive product reviews, this tool tracks product inventory and prices at five major online retailers, updating information in real-time to keep you in the know about the best deals. Click on the screenshots below to see what it looks like. (Note: these screenshots are from one moment in time; for updated pricing and availability, see the review pages for the Monster High High School, Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire, and the Doc McStuffins Time For Your Checkup Doll.)

monster high



Now you can see who has that hot toy in stock and who has the best price. And if you’re still stumped on WHAT to get your child, our Advanced Toy Search can help. So make your one-stop resource for toy shopping this season.

Happy holidays!

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