Host a Peppa Pig-Themed Birthday Party

Peppa Pig CakeFor a first birthday party celebration, it is easy to choose a generic theme. My first daughter had a giraffe theme and my second daughter had a butterfly theme. Soon after your child’s first birthday they begin to gravitate towards certain characters. Whether your child watches Disney Junior, Nick Jr., or Sprout, they are sure to pick one show that is their favorite and have a character to go along with it. Peppa Pig is now the “in” theme in our household. I love that Peppa Pig can engage an audience in a larger age range than most characters, since my 4 1/2 year old and 2 year old can both watch it together without fighting over changing the channel.

Peppa Pig CupcakesWith this in mind, choosing Peppa Pig as this year’s birthday party theme was easy. I wasn’t aware, however, that all the little guests at our party would be huge Peppa fans as well! Once the invites went out and the kids found out about Peppa, they all cheerfully stated that they NEEDED to attend! Who doesn’t love a talking pig!?

Because my kids are such big fans of Peppa Pig, I was thrilled to be given a sneak peek of new Peppa-themed birthday items from Bakery Crafts and Pioneer Balloons. I knew these fun accessories would pull together the Peppa Pig theme and really bring the party to life. Bakery Crafts sent us these adorable Peppa Pig cupcake rings featuring images of Peppa and George that had all the kids excited for a little trinket to take along with them. Bakery Crafts also sent along their new Peppa Pig edible cake art for a half-sheet size birthday cake, which looked fantastic and prompted squeals of delight from the birthday girl and her guests.

Peppa Pig Balloons

Peppa Pig BalloonsAlong with some edible art, we also had some balloon fun from Pioneer Balloons! What child doesn’t like balloons? Since we didn’t have a helium tank on hand, I showed the kids how to easily blow up their own Peppa Pig Mylar balloons without a helium tank. It’s easy—just insert a straw into the hole at the base of the balloon, blow until your reach your desired inflation, remove the straw, and pinch the hole closed. Some double sided tape will keep the balloons up, when you are ready to decorate. We had latex Peppa Pig balloons as well, which the kids also enjoyed blowing up.

Peppa Pig BalloonsTo round out the party, we served lunch and played a variety games on the lawn. There are so many ways to keep your child’s birthday theme inexpensive, simple, and fun. All the kids had a wonderful time and it was a fun way to celebrate a special birthday girl!

Fans of Peppa Pig will be able to ask their local grocers for Peppa Pig-themed cakes later this summer. Now, fans of TTPM can win the only items available featuring Peppa Pig to host your own party. Click here for a chance to enter this month’s giveaway featuring the products mentioned here from Pioneer Balloons and Bakery Crafts. Stay tuned because over the next few months more birthday party products are expected in stores featuring Peppa Pig.

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