7 Things to Consider When Planning a Party Outside the Home

With so many fun things to do such as bowling, playing at the arcade, swimming, and more, it’s no surprise that many birthday parties are planned outside the home. When deciding where to celebrate your next big event, here are some things you’ll want to consider before you make your final decision:

Beach Party

Outside Food: Does the location you have in mind allow you to bring in outside food? If not, check their menu and party packages to see if the food they serve would be suitable for your guests. Be sure to ask about alternate meals for guests with allergies.

Food Storage: If bringing in your own food, how will you keep it warm or cool until it’s time to eat?

Supplies: Some locations provide everything you’ll need for setting up the party. Ask if there will be tables, chairs, dinnerware, etc., available for your use. The more items you can use at the location, the shorter your packing list will be.

Availability: Do you have a date and a time already in mind for the party? How flexible are you with that? You may have to make some adjustments to your party plan, so make sure you secure the location before you send out the invitations.

Price: Is there a cost per guest? Does this fit into your party budget? Are there items in the set party package that you don’t need? Do you have to pay a deposit for the party? When is this deposit due?

Party Day Schedule: Most locations have time restraints for parties. Be sure you know this ahead of time so you can plan out your party schedule (when to eat, open presents, serve cake, etc.).

Cleaning: Will you be responsible for cleanup after the party? If so, make sure you know where all of the cleaning supplies are or if you need to bring your own.

Farm Dessert

Don’t be afraid to ask family or friends with help to set up and take down the party. Most locations only let you in to set up a few minutes before the party, so extra hands always come in handy.

When planning a party outside the home, organization is so important. Make yourself a list of everything you need to take with you and use that same list when you are packing up to come home. You certainly don’t want to get home and discover that you left your favorite serving dish at the bowling alley!

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