Five Pro Party Tips That You Can DIY

Party DIY 1Who doesn’t love a good party and an even easier one to throw together? I’m going to show you some really easy tips that pros use that any home party thrower can DIY!

Tip #1 Utilize the Dollar Store – Yep, put those dollars to good use. I always find great holiday or birthday items at dollar stores and find a way to revamp them. All it usually takes is a little spray paint and some imagination, such as with my candlestick holders for my wedding table setting. I reused them for my Halloween table setting.

Party DIY 2

Tip #2 Buy White Dishes – When I am on the search for new dishes, I only buy white. They are classic, timeless, and clean. There are zero frills to them, which is great because you can use them for everyday and for the most extravagant event.

Party DIY 3

Tip #3 Buy Pre-Made Food – Save yourself hours by either hiring someone to cook for you or asking others to bring food. Whatever you do, save yourself as much headache as you can by buying pre-made food when you can. This will allow you time to spend with the guests.

Party DIY 4

Tip #4 Fancy Up Decorations with Sequins – This one might be my favorite but bling makes everything better! Scrapbook companies sell lots of sequins; Hazel and Ruby’s are my favorite. One of the easiest ways is to dump some of it in a balloon before you fill it with helium, and you’ve got an easy, chic-looking project! I also love using sequin fabric as a tablecloth. Etsy has them all over and at a reasonable price!

Party DIY 5

Tip #5 Personalize – Don’t be afraid to make that party all about them! Make unique hashtags and have initials in the most inconspicuous places. Acrylic can be so inexpensive. Try looking around to see if you can find local vendors to cut something out for you. There are a lot of vendors on Etsy who do laser cuts of wood that can be done in various fonts, as well. Another one of my favorite things are these picture lollipops from Lollipics.

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