Splash Bombs Splash Battle Gear

from Prime Time Toys


  • Splash Bombs Splash Battle Gear


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What It Is

New in Prime Time Toys' Splash Bombs line is Splash Battle Gear. This three-piece set comes with a Splash Shield, Splash Bomb, and Splash Sword. Each piece is made of soft foam that, when placed in the pool, asborbs water. The shield can accompany you in a water battle and the sword can be used to hit the Splash Bomb around the pool.

Is It Fun?

The Splash Battle Gear set is a fun roleplay set for water battles in the pool. It will inspire lots of imaginative pool time play.

Who It’s For

Splash Battle Gear is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This set is for roleplay use only. It is not intended for physical contact. Do not aim or throw the ball at anyone's face or head.

Adult supervision is required when children are playing in the pool.