Watercolor Bunny & Sunny Chick

from Build-A-Bear Workshop

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Product Information

What It Is

Kids can make their own Easter friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores this spring. The 16-inch Watercolor Bunny and Sunny Chick will be available in stores and online. Watercolor Bunny has multi-colored soft fur. Sunny Chick has soft yellow fur with an orange beak and legs. Both are limited-edition stuffed animals. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

Watercolor Bunny and Sunny Chick are super cute and super soft. The process of letting kids make and personalize one of these Easter-themed stuffed animals can be a great alternative to giving kids Easter candy. Kids will love snuggling up with either one of these stuffed animals well after the Easter holiday.

Who It’s For

Watercolor Bunny and Sunny Chick are for ages 0 and up. However, older kids will be able to engage in the process of making and personalizing the stuffed animals at a Build-A-Bear Workshop store.

What To Be Aware Of

The price quoted is for the basic character only. Outfits and accessories for the stuffed animals are sold separately.

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