Stamp Art

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What It Is

Stamp Art, an activity book from Klutz, comes with a collection of different-shaped clear rubber stamps that kids can combine to create whatever they can imagine. The stamps stick on the provided see-through acrylic block. When you put your inked stamp on the page, the transparent block lets you see exactly where it's going. When you're done using one stamp, just peel it off and place another stamp on the block. Then kids can use the colored pencils to color in their stamped creations. The book comes with directions on how to use the stamps and stamp pad, create different objects using the stamps (everything from animals to flowers to food), and create different patterns and colors using the colored pencils. There are lots of pages in the book for kids to stamp on, but kids can also use construction or computer paper that you may already have at home to use as their stamp art canvas. Stamp Art comes with one clear acrylic block, three double-tipped colored pencils, 64 clear rubber stamps, and a black inkpad.

Is It Fun?

Stamp Art makes stamping and creating art easy and fun. Instead of using pre-designed stamps, kids simply combine the different stamp shapes to create their own plants, animals, and other objects. Stamp Art offers lots of creative and imaginative play for kids.

Who It’s For

Stamp Art is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure to keep the cover on the inkpad when you're not using it to keep the ink from drying out.

The ink on the inkpad is washable ink and will come off fingers and hands easily with soap and water. It will also come out of clothes in the wash.

Cover your workspace with scrap paper or newspaper. It will protect surfaces from ink marks and can be a spot for you to test the stamps.

When you're done using a stamp, peel it off the stamp block with a damp paper towel. Use the paper towel to clean the ink off the stamp, and put the stamp back onto the stamp sheet. For super-clean stamps, rub them with a bit of soap and water or a baby wipe until all the ink is gone.

Wait about 30 seconds for your stamped art to dry before you color it in.