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What It Is

Callie, Meredith, Alana, Dana, Kelsey, and Taryn are characters in a new collection of large dolls called Journey Girls. This is a gang of best friends who explore the world and share their individual stories, celebrate each other's talents, and have amazing adventures. Meredith is an athlete who likes snowboarding and dreams of vacationing in the Alps. Taryn is a performer who likes to experience the local music scene and hopes to one day perform at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Callie enjoys shopping and dancing. Her dream vacation includes a shopping spree and show in London's West End. Alana is an artist who makes souvenirs to commemorate her travels. Her dream is to explore her artistic side in Rome. Kelsey, the most fearless, will try anything from rock climbing to zip lining. She dreams of backpacking across Costa Rica. Dana visits local zoos and aquariums wherever she travels and wants to observe wildlife while on safari in South Africa.

Each 18-inch doll features wonderful sculpting and styling. The glass-like eyes give the dolls real depth, and the beautiful hair will inspire classic doll play over and above the adventure storyline. Each doll also comes with a luggage tag that girls can use on their own luggage when they head out on their own adventures.

Is It Fun?

The storyline of the adventurous characters will really appeal to kids who are eager to explore the world just like the Journey Girls. Beyond the stories, these are high-quality dolls that offer great fashion and hair play, as well as imaginative play. Combine all of that with a very reasonable price point and you've got a dynamic entry in the large doll category.

Who It’s For

Journey Girls are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Journey Girls dolls are available exclusively at Toys "R" Us stores and

There are also different playsets, such as the Wheel Chair & Crutch Set, the Travel Set, the Ski Lodge, and the Classic 18-inch Doll Bedroom Set. Additional fashions and accessories for the dolls are also available.