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What It Is

The Electronic Pet Fish is an electronic fish that lives in a fish bowl and swims around like a real fish. The fish bowl also emits color-changing LED lights whenever the fish is swimming. All kids have to do is tap on the lid of the fish bowl to make the fish dart, swim, and circle around with movements just like a real fish.

Place the underwater decoration inside the fish bowl and fill the bowl with water to the marked line. Screw on the animation module and the lid to begin playing with the fish. There are three modes of play. In Demo mode, the fish will swim for 30 seconds with lights. You must push the button on the fish bowl lid before tapping the cap to interact with the fish. In Play mode, the fish will swim for 90 seconds with lights. And in Extended Play (E.P.) mode, the fish swims for five minutes with lights.

There are two versions of the Electronic Pet Fish: Oranda Goldfish and Guppy. Each is sold separately. They are part of Gemmy's Fincredibles line.

Is It Fun?

With the Electronic Pet Fish, kids can have the fun and entertainment of a pet fish without having to worry about feeding it or having the fish die. It's easy to interact with the fish by tapping on the lid (something that you can't get a real fish to do), and kids will like the realistic look of the fish bowl and the realistic movements of the fish.

Who It’s For

The Electronic Pet Fish is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Fincredibles Electronic Pet Fish are available at Cracker Barrel stores.

Three AA batteries are required, but not included. The Electronic Pet Fish can also be powered by a 120V A/C adapter, which is also not included.

Wash the bowl by hand using a mild detergent if needed. Do not place it in the dishwasher.

Replace water when it becomes cloudy or dirty.

The fish bowl is made of glass and kind of heavy when filled with water. Be careful when picking up the bowl. Keep the bowl upright or water will leak out.