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  • 3 cell batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

The Annoying Orange web series has become a viral sensation with more than 800 million views on YouTube. Created by Dane Boedigheimer, the animations feature a variety of talking fruits and vegetables. Boedigheimer brought the characters to life by superimposing his own eyes and mouth on them. The main character is the orange, who tries to annoy the kitchen crew with his hilarious and sarcastic exchanges.

Now all of the characters, including Orange, are available offline as stuffed characters. Each 3.5-inch Annoying Orange Talking Fresh Squeezed Plush says between 10 and 16 phrases, depending on the character, when squeezed. The toys have photo-realistic features to reflect the characters from the web series. Also included with each character is a code that unlocks an exclusive video online. Available characters are Orange, Pear, and Midget Apple.

Why It’s Fun

Fans of the web series will like these hilarious and squeezable talking toys. The phrases and expressions are straight from the web series and capture the unique humor found in each Annoying Orange webisode. Just like the web series, the Annoying Orange Stuffed Characters are silly, funny, and fruity.

Who It’s For

The Annoying Orange Talking Fresh Squeezed Plush are graded for ages 4 and up. We find that the content is a little better for ages 7 and up because of the characters' wisecracking sense of humor. Age 7 is about the time that kids discover sarcasm, so they will find this completely appealing. (Parents, get ready to roll your eyes, if you can stop laughing long enough.)

What to Be Aware of

The Annoying Orange Talking Fresh Squeezed Plush are available exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

The Talking Fresh Squeezed Plush come with three button cell batteries that are non-replaceable.