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What It Is

What It Is

There are five different ways to play the I Spy Ready to Read Game, which is based on the popular I Spy book series from Scholastic. The basic game is Read Aloud and Punch Out: Each player takes a turn reading one line of the riddle on his game board, finding the objects, and punching them out. When all the tokens on all the players' boards have been punched out, play the game in reverse. Read Aloud and Put Back has players reading the riddle sentences, finding the right tokens, and returning them where they belong. Other games include a Rhyming Memory Game where players look for pairs of rhyming objects using the tokens, and a No Peeking! Shape Reading Game, where players take turns picking tokens out of the box lid without looking and trying to pick the right shaped token for their game board. Older kids can also use the tokens as flash cards to help them associate words and pictures. And there is also a Reed & Seek Game where players look at the back of the game board, read words, find the object that goes with that word and punch out the token.

The I Spy Ready to Read Game comes with six double-sided picture game boards, 24 double-sided punch-out tokens, and rules. It is for 1—6 players.

Why It’s Fun

The I Spy Ready to Read Game features the same beautiful, object-filled pictures that fans of the I Spy book series from Scholastic know and enjoy. With five different ways to play, the game easily accommodates beginner and advanced players. Through the play, the I Spy Ready to Read Game helps players develop pre-reading skills of visual discrimination, matching, rhyming, "reading" pictures and shapes, and letter recognition.

Who It’s For

The I Spy Ready to Read Game is for ages 4 and up. Kids who don't know how to read yet will need help from adults reading the riddles.

What to Be Aware of

Once they've been punched out, the tokens do pop back into the game boards, but be careful or you'll end up pushing the tokens back through the hole. Younger children will need help from mom or dad with this.