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What It Is

What It Is

Story Studio is a new coloring activity set that lets kids star in their very own comic books. In the Story Studio area at, kids can transform their photos into cartoon characters, then create stories with those characters that can be printed out and colored.

There are two Story Studio Licensed Comic Maker kits: Spider-Man and Disney Princess. Purchase one of these Story Studio kits, go to and find the Story Studio area. Enter the code that comes with each Story Studio kit, then upload a photo of yourself and transform it into a character drawing. Then place your character in the comic book pages, print them out, and color the pages. Put the pages together and you've got a comic book adventure starring your child and Spider-Man or the Disney Princesses.

The Story Studio Spider-Man kit comes with 15 Twistables colored pencils, 30 blank story sheets, six blank glossy cover sheets, and three story binding strips.

The Story Studio Disney Princess kit comes with 10 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies markers, three Pip-Squeaks markers, two Pip-Squeaks glitter-glue tubes, 30 blank story sheets, six blank glossy cover sheets, and three story binding strips.

Why It’s Fun

This is simple coloring fun, but with the addition of personalization, it makes a terrific activity that takes coloring play into a whole new dimension of creativity and storytelling.

Who It’s For

Story Studio is for ages 6 and up. Naturally, it will appeal primarily to fans of Spider-Man and the Disney Princesses.

What to Be Aware of

Story Studio requires an access code to print out the stories. There are several other non-licensed Crayola products that come with an access code for Story Studio. Visit for the complete list of products.

It's best to choose a good face photo of a kid to upload. The resulting image doesn't look photographic, more like a line-art caricature of the child.