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What It Is

What It Is

Over the years, jigsaw puzzles haven't changed very much. There have been new pictures, piece counts, and even some new shapes, but puzzles have always been, well, flat. That's not a bad thing: millions of puzzles are sold every year, and millions of people have fun putting them together. But MEGA's 3D BreakThrough Puzzles have added a shot of innovation to this classic category. 3D BreakThrough Puzzles let you combine puzzle-solving and construction to end up with a 3-D work of art that's suitable for framing.

First, put together the flat puzzle. Then, use the enclosed glue to seal first the front and then the back of the puzzle. While the glue dries, assemble the 3-D art, folding it along the pre-printed and scored lines and putting it together with the clips. Clip the finished 3-D art to the flat puzzle with the clips provided, and you have a dramatic piece of 3-D art.

There are several puzzles to choose from, including the Classic Mickey Mouse puzzle. For those who want to display their artwork, the finished puzzle is 18 by 24 inches and fits most standard frames. The Mickey Mouse puzzle is considered moderate on the difficulty scale in this line, with many simple folding techniques to create the 3-D artwork. There are also puzzles in the line that are both simpler and more advanced.

Why It’s Fun

For puzzle enthusiasts, this will be an interesting change of pace, complete with the somewhat different activity of paper folding. For casual puzzlers, this will be an engaging challenge yielding a beautiful result.

Who It’s For

3D BreakThrough Puzzles are for ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Give yourself plenty of time. This is supposed to be relaxing and fun.

When you glue the flat puzzle, give it about an hour on each side to dry, and place it on a non-stick surface and move it around several times while drying.

This is a one-time use puzzle. Once it's put together, you're done—except for proudly displaying your creation.