Bayala Figurines

from Schleich

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Product Information

  • Bayala Figurines from Schleich
  • Part of the Bayala brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

What It Is

Bayala is a collection of figures from Schleich that has an entire story about a wonderful world of enchantment, magic, and all kinds of great characters. There are dragons, elves, and unicorns, among others. The figures, in the Schleich tradition, have beautiful detailing and beautiful finishes.

Why It’s Fun

The figures in the Bayala collection are really beautiful and made with great detail. They are functional as toys and immerse children in a world of imaginative play. The figures are also really nice collectibles for adults.

Who It’s For

Schleich Bayala is for ages 4 and up. We think that these will also appeal to adult collectors and especially to those interested in fantasy worlds.

What to Be Aware of

In addition to the variety of figures, there are also Bayala buildings, vehicles, and scenery packs.


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