Light Strike Striker S.P. - 144

from WowWee

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Product Information

  • Light Strike Striker S.P. - 144 from WowWee
  • Part of the Light Strike brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 8 and up
  • 4 AA & 3 AAA batteries required TTPM Is Always On With

What It Is

What It Is

The new Light Strike line from WowWee is a competitive gaming system designed for solo or team play featuring a collection of blasters and accessories that use light as ammunition. The Striker S.P.-144 is the basic blaster in the line.

For any player used to video games, the different features will be very recognizable, from the choice of weapons with different powers and reset times, to re-loading and the ability to activate a force field. The buttons on the top allow you to select from one of the five weapon options, identify your team by color, and activate your shield. The blaster also comes with a target so you can practice your aim and accuracy. There are also individual challenges that you can take on to build your skill. The Light Strike blasters are also designed for competitive play, so when you get several kids together, they can create their own battles with up to four different teams involved in the play. To identify a team, have all members set their blasters to the same color using the team color.

Why It’s Fun

This is a really innovative and exciting toy that we think is going to appeal to older players (8 and up) who will create their own battles and be intrigued by the sophisticated options and features that will enhance play. It's not just running around, though; there's lots of strategy involved if you're going to win.

Who It’s For

The Light Strike Striker S.P.-144 is for ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Set-up is pretty complex, so be sure to read the manual. Taking the time to learn about the blaster will pay dividends when you get into competitive play.

The blaster takes four AA batteries, and the target takes three AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.

There are also several accessories sold separately so kids can fully customize their blasters and their play experiences.


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