Green Eggs & Ham Speedy Diner! Game

from I Can Do That! Games

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Sam-I-Am has opened a café and invited his friends Fox, Mouse, and Goat for dinner. But Sam needs you to help serve them! In this game, players work together to serve up signature green eggs and ham along with a menu of other silly Seussian foods. Take turns being the Chef and calling out orders to the other players, who serve as waiters. The faster you deliver the food, the more tips you'll make. When you hear “Bugs in the kitchen!,” race back to the dining room and check all tables for insects. Use color, shape, and other pre-reading skills to identify food items and counting to collect reward coins. The game comes with a musical menu timer, chef hat, green eggs and ham, 18 silly food tiles, 20 coins, three customer pads, eight double-sided menu cards, and a score pad.
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