Spy Gear Capture Cam

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  • 2 AA batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

Are you curious to know what happens in your room or any location when you're not around? With the Spy Gear Capture Cam, you can catch suspects in the act—of whatever they're doing. The Capture Cam is a real, working digital camera that you can set up to cover any area you want to spy on. Then, when the camera detects movement, it takes a picture. You can set it to take one, two, or three pictures after each movement. To see the pictures, connect the camera to a computer (Mac or PC) using the included USB cable. Using the Spy Photo Lab software that can be downloaded to your computer, edit and add special effects to your pictures. The camera holds 30 images.

Why It’s Fun

The Capture Cam is a great toy because it's a working camera. Kids will like being able to sneakily take pictures to see if a younger sibling or mom is messing with their stuff. Uploading the pictures is easy, and it's a lot of fun to add the different effects to the photos. As with all the toys in the Spy Gear line, the Capture Cam is a great roleplay item that lets kids have their own spy adventures.

Who It’s For

The Spy Gear Capture Cam is for ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

There is no viewing screen on this camera, but that's part of what makes it possible to sell a working digital camera at such a reasonable price. In order to see the pictures you have to upload them to your computer, so this does not replace a regular camera for kids who want to take traditional, non-spy photos.

The Capture Cam requires two AA batteries, which are not included.