Xploderz XRanger 2000

from The Maya Group


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What It Is

What It Is

The Xploderz XRanger 2000 is part of The Maya Group's Xploderz ammo and firing system. The XRanger 2000 is a blaster that shoots Xploderz ammo up to 85 feet. Before you can shoot, you have to "make" the ammo. The XRanger comes with tiny hard pellets that you place into the ammo depot. Add water to the depot and after four hours, the pellets have grown into soft and squishy balls. (It makes 500 rounds.) Load the ammo into the clip, pull back on the Loader Knob to ready one of the ammo balls, then pull and release the Power Arm to launch. The ammo is made of an advanced polymer in a water-based technology, so it is strong enough to fire long distances, but soft enough to disintegrate on impact. It is also easy to clean off of surfaces. The Xploderz XRanger 2000 can hold up to 75 rounds of ammo at a time.

Why It’s Fun

There are so many things that kids will like about the XRanger 2000. Growing the ammo from a tiny pellet to a soft ball, though somewhat time consuming, is intriguing to kids. Kids will also like the long distances that the ammo flies. And seeing the ammo explode upon impact is really cool. This is a cool new blaster that bridges the gap between foam dart blasters and paintball.

Who It’s For

The Xploderz XRanger 2000 is for ages 8 and up. We think that this will have a special appeal to older boys, even college-age kids.

What to Be Aware of

The Xploderz ammo is nontoxic and a non-irritant. It won't leave stains because it is water-based.

Don't aim the ammo at eyes or faces.