Cookie My Playful Pup

from Hasbro


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  • 4 C batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

Cookie My Playful Pup is the latest in the FurReal Friends line from Hasbro. The concept is the same as all the FurReal Friends—they're realistic, animatronic animals that kids can play with as if they were living pets. What's changed over the years has been the ability for the electronics to add more character to the pets while creating more fluid, realistic movements.

Cookie has sensors that react to a child's touch in the ways a real puppy would. Pat her head and she barks, moves her head, and wags her tail. Pet her cheeks and she'll turn her head toward your hand. Pet her on the back and she'll make happy sounds—and may even fall asleep if you keep it up long enough. Put the squeaky bone in her mouth and she'll chew on it. Cookie has poseable front legs and realistic-looking eyes, especially when she opens and closes them. Cookie responds to your voice and even "talks" back, just like a real puppy.

Why It’s Fun

Kids will really respond to the interaction they get from Cookie. One of the nicest things about Cookie is that she's cuddlier than previous FurReal Friends pets—largely because the electronics are smaller. It's still not as soft as a stuffed animal with no electronics, but we think kids will really enjoy all the added features and interaction.

Who It’s For

Cookie My Playful Pup is for ages 4 and up. Cookie might be a great option for children who aren't ready for a real dog. As a toy, Cookie has lots of personality that kids who love pets will respond to.

What to Be Aware of

Cookie comes with four temporary C batteries that power the in-package Try-Me feature. Hasbro recommends that for best results you replace them.