Angelina Ballerina: Dance with Me

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  • Angelina Ballerina: Dance with Me


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What It Is

What It Is

Angelina Ballerina is the mouse that loves to dance and now fans of Angelina can dance along with her. Angelina Ballerina: Dance with Me features easy gameplay and elements that gets kids up and moving—in this case, dancing. Players take turns adding a dance move to the sequence. There are many chances for kids to practice the moves along the way. They collect star cards and trophies for completing a move. The goal is to be able to perform the entire sequence of six (at most) moves from memory. When a player lands on the final space that says "It's Showtime," she stands up and tries to perform the moves in sequence from memory. The player with the most star cards at the end wins.

The game is for two or more players. It comes with a game board, 25 dance cards, 50 reward cards, a music CD, a game mover with base, a spinner, and an instruction manual.

Why It’s Fun

Fans of Angelina Ballerina love to dance, and this game gives them the chance to dance with Angelina. There are a lot of great details in the game, such as the two-sided game board with one side designed as the stage and the other side as the backstage area. The dance cards have the French names of the moves on them along with an English phonetic pronunciation key so that girls, especially those new to dance, are introduced to dance terminology, such as "arabesque".

Who It’s For

Angelina Ballerina: Dance with Me is for ages 3 and up. It's great for little girls who are just getting into dancing and Angelina Ballerina fans.

What to Be Aware of

Through playing and dancing in this game, girls practice essential skills, such as looking at a picture and replicating a pose, remembering moves in sequence, and gaining self-confidence to perform.