Puppet Playhouse Theater

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What It Is

What It Is

The Puppet Playhouse Theater is a puppet theater and play tent in one. Made of durable, lightweight nylon material with organza trim, the Puppet Playhouse Theater is 59 inches tall with a 48-inch diameter at its base. Two kids can easily fit inside the tent. Curtains on the front window tie back for puppet show performances. Puppets are sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

In the Puppet Playhouse Theater, kids can put on their own puppet shows or just play inside the tent. No matter how kids choose to use it, the Puppet Playhouse Theater is a great way to inspire creative play.

Puppet play is a great form of expression for kids. It helps introduce them to narrative play, whether creating their own stories or dramatizing favorite tales. They may not know it, which is probably a good thing, but this kind of play can foster stronger thinking and communication skills. But for the moment, just let them have a blast with this cool toy.

Who It’s For

The Puppet Playhouse Theater is for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Adult assembly is required.

This is a pricey set, but the quality of the materials makes it worth the money for families where kids love this kind of play, particularly since it's a stand-alone and can be set up anywhere.