Dora’s Family Nursery

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  • Dora’s Family Nursery from MEGA Bloks
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

What It Is

Help Dora take care of her baby twin brother and sister with the Dora's Family Nursery building set. This 23-piece set lets girls build a nursery for Dora's siblings any way they want—tall, narrow, wide, two floors or one. The set comes with various nursery accessories, such as a rocking horse, a cradle, and a swing. There are also themed stickers that let girls decorate the nursery. Dora's Family Nursery comes with a Build & Dress Dora figure with two skirts, a baby brother figure, and a baby sister figure. The set is compatible with other MEGA Bloks World of Dora building sets.

Why It’s Fun

There aren't many construction sets out there for girls who like to build, and that inspire traditional doll and nurturing play, which is what makes these Dora building sets so great, in addition to the color pieces and creative options for building. Dora's Family Nursery is easy for little girls to put together, and it lets them build and play with a favorite character. There are many opportunities for girls to get creative, from building and decorating the nursery to playing out different adventures for Dora and her siblings.

Who It’s For

Dora's Family Nursery is for ages 3 and up. Dora the Explorer fans will like this set, but the set is also great for little girls who may not be huge Dora fans but who like to build.

What to Be Aware of

Because Dora's Family Nursery is part of the MEGA Bloks line of preschool building sets, the pieces are large enough for small hands to grasp and easy for small children to put together.


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