Fun with Food! ABC Blocks

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  • Fun with Food! ABC Blocks


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What It Is

What It Is

Manhattan Toy's Parents magazine line is a collection of developmental toys with contemporary styling that gives children a rich array of visual and tactile stimulation and offers elements designed to encourage musical interest, stimulate imaginations, and inspire roleplay.

The Fun with Food! ABC Blocks are high-quality, classic wooden blocks with bold graphics and colorful illustrations. On each block is a letter of the alphabet along with a corresponding food image. The A block has a picture of an apple on it. The L block has a picture of a lemon. There are 26 blocks total, one for each letter of the alphabet. When playtime is over, store the blocks inside the canvas bag that closes with a Velcro fastener. This block set is designed to promote unstructured play (sorting, stacking, lining up, and knocking down blocks), which fuels a child's creativity and problem-solving skills.

Why It’s Fun

Fun with Food! ABC Blocks are a colorful take on a classic play pattern. This block set is all about basic building and it capitalizes on kids' interest in food to help support letter awareness. The pictures and graphics will definitely appeal to children. The canvas bag makes this block set great for taking on the go.

Who It’s For

Fun with Food! ABC Blocks are for ages 12 months and up.

What to Be Aware of

Each 1.5-inch block is sized just right for small hands.

One year olds are probably not going to be able to figure out the letters and food on their own. This is where parents come in. Use these blocks to play with your child and point out the different letters and what sound they make, and what the different foods are.