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What It Is

What It Is

Kids know what they want, and for the three kid inventors behind Flipoutz, what they wanted was a cool and customizable collectible bracelet line. Flipoutz are customizable, stretchable rubber bracelets with five circular settings into which kids insert nickel-sized, decorated discs. (If you watch ABC's Shark Tank, you may have seen these kids pitching Flipoutz to the panel of millionaires. They received funding from three of the "sharks".) The construction of the bracelet holds each of the discs in place, and when kids want to change up their fashions, all they do is flip out one and replace it with another. There are many different coin styles available, and each is colorful and boldly designed.

Kids can trade coins with friends and even track where their coins go through the website, Flipoutz.com. Every coin is assigned a unique serial number imprinted on the back of the coin. Using this number, the original coin owner can register the coin on Flipoutz.com and create a safe and customized owner profile page and coin profile page. On the coin profile page, owners can describe why this coin is important to them and leave a meaningful message for all future holders of the coin to discover. Then kids trade the coin and set it free to travel their neighborhood, city, state, country, or even the world.

A Flipoutz bracelet comes packaged with one coin and retails for about $5.99. You can purchase more coins via coin two-packs, which retail for about $1.99. As noted there are many different styles, so while kids may have owning the bracelets in common, no two bracelets will ever be the same.

Why It’s Fun

There is a vast array of collectible bracelets for kids on the market right now, but Flipoutz offers something new. These sturdy rubber bracelets offer kids customization and self-expression. Kids can express who they are by wearing different coins on the bracelet and by sharing their "coin stories" on the Flipoutz website. Kids will like collecting, trading, and wearing Flipoutz. The reasonable price of the coins, especially, encourages trading and passing on the coins, which is what makes the online tracking method intriguing.

Who It’s For

Flipoutz are for ages 6 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Children should seek parental approval before going online. All content on Flipoutz.com is pre-moderated in real time by NetModerator, Crisp Thinking's online threat protection software. NetModerator analyzes content as well as intent and behavior patterns in order to prevent inappropriate communication or dialogue as well as identify and block predators and other online threats.