Pirates of the Caribbean: Queen Anne’s Revenge

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Queen Anne’s Revenge
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What It Is

What It Is

The fourth film in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise hits theaters May 20, 2011. LEGO builders can recreate the action and adventure in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with new build-and-play scenes inspired by the movie.

Based on Blackbeard's ship in On Stranger Tides, the Queen Anne's Revenge set is a buildable ship playset. It's the top-of-the line set in the line and a gorgeous reproduction of the ship seen in the movie. Kids build the Queen Anne complete with 14 cannons that really launch make-believe "cannon balls" (actually small LEGO pieces) and Blackbeard's captain's quarters, among other fun features. Once the ship is built, kids launch into the action helping Jack and crew mutiny against Angelica and the zombies as Blackbeard secretly watches on from his captain's quarters. Queen Anne's Revenge comes with seven minifigures: Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, Angelica, chef, quartermaster, yeoman zombie, and gunner zombie. There are 1,097 pieces in the set in all.

Why It’s Fun

LEGO's Pirates of the Caribbean building sets do a great job of capturing the look and feel of the movies. The Queen Anne's Revenge engages kids in the exciting narrative as they build, and it's a model that's loaded with play as well, as kids reenact the epic movie scene or create their own adventures for the characters. This is a great set for engaging kids in pretend play.

Who It’s For

Queen Anne's Revenge is for Pirates of the Caribbean fans ages 9 and up. The great quality and detail of this set will appeal to adult fans and collectors, too.

What to Be Aware of

There are a lot of pieces in this building set, which makes it a little more complicated to build than other LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets. It took us about eight hours to build. But, then, building is what LEGO play is all about. These are best for detail-oriented kids who like to see their models come together.