Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird

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What It Is

What It Is

Straight from the Playhouse Disney animated series comes the Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird. Kids who are familiar with the show will recognize Special Agent Oso, a stuffed panda bear and secret agent in training, and his helicopter Whirly Bird. Whirly Bird features helicopter sounds and character voices that are triggered by magnetic activation points. Sit the Oso figure in the cockpit to hear phrases from the show. Kids can also eject Oso from the cockpit seat and hear more phrases. Pull down the magnetic grappling hook to rescue Oso and press the red button to hear helicopter noises as the grappling hook lifts up.

Why It’s Fun

The Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird brings the fun of the TV show to life. There are lots of great features on this toy from the grappling hook to the ejector seat. Kids will enjoy going on their own secret agent adventures with Oso and Whirly Bird. This is great for promoting open-ended and creative play.

Who It’s For

Whirly Bird is for ages 3 and up. Kids who are familiar with Special Agent Oso will like this toy the most.

What to Be Aware of

Two AAA batteries are included.

Ejecting Oso from the cockpit is kind of tricky. You have to open the cockpit window so that it slides down and hits a trigger button. It's a little difficult to open and close the cockpit window as it is, so young kids might have trouble sliding the window down with enough force to hit the ejector seat trigger.