Zing Air Zartz Funpack

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What It Is

What It Is

Play catch with the Zartz Funpack. This playset includes two targets and one Zart (a soft, foam dart). Each player wears a target on his hand. One player aims the Zart at his opponent's target. If the Zart hits the target, it will stick to the target. The Zart also sticks to walls, doors, ceilings, concrete, and most other surfaces. It is easy to remove. Additional Zartz are sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

Throwing darts at other kids is fun, pure and simple. Throwing soft, safe darts is even more fun because no one's likely to get hurt. We love the way Zing Toys has taken these classic play patterns and made them work in ways that won't give parents heart failure or risk trips to the emergency room. The Zartz Funpack is a classic boy play pattern made soft, safe, and fun. Kids will like playing catch outside with these cool foam darts.

Who It’s For

The Zartz Funpack is for ages 6 and up. It's great outdoor play for the whole family.

What to Be Aware of

In order for the Zart to stick to the target, it has to be thrown with enough force to stick, and that takes a little practice and will be easier for older kids. Otherwise it will simply bounce off the target.

Do not aim Zartz at eyes or faces. We generally recommend that kids hold the targets below the shoulders and above the waist.