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What It Is

What It Is

Collectible rubber bands in different shapes have been on the scene for several years now, but no one has successfully translated it into a toy. Senario, though, has tried with a themed, battling game for boys. In Battle Bands, players choose an army of warrior-shaped rubber bands from their collection. With several colors and shapes, each band represents a different level and power. Once an army is assembled, players launch a band at the board. Where it lands determines how many points that player gets. The first player to a predetermined number of points wins. The Battle Bands Rumble Pack includes everything kids need to battle, including 15 Battle Bands, 15 warrior cards, and a battle board. There are more than 70 Battle Bands to collect. Extra bands are sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

Since they first debuted, kids have gone crazy for the collectible rubber bands in different shapes. Not only do kids collect, trade, and wear the bands, but they also play with them. Battle Bands taps into that collectability and play with this boy-themed game.

Who It’s For

Battle Bands is for boys ages 6 and up.

What to Be Aware of

We know kids really like shaped rubber bands, but what we don't know yet is if kids will take to this game and immerse themselves in the story, characters, and bands. For the most part, kids like collecting bands based on recognizable characters, and these characters have yet to establish themselves as "cool."

That said, it's a neat game idea, but we'll have to wait and see how kids react to it.

We talk about "launching" the bands, but what kids are doing is stretching them on their fingers and letting them go—the same way they've been playing with rubber bands for ages.