Hot Wheels Rev Ups Skyhigh Speedway

from Mattel


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    Medium Difficulty


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What It Is

What It Is

Hot Wheels Rev Ups are cars that you rev up to get them to move on their own. With the Skyhigh Speedway, kids can rev up their Rev Ups through an action-packed race course. The Skyhigh Speedway includes a vertical climb, upside-down Hot Wheels loop, and zip line to show off the stunts that make Rev Ups vehicles so cool. The racetrack also features a directional gate so kids can choose where they want the Rev Ups vehicle to go first—the loop or the vertical climb. The playset includes one Rev Ups vehicle. Magnets embedded in the tracks and the cars are what lets them climb in ways that vehicles in the real world do not.

Why It’s Fun

The design of the vehicles is outstanding. They're tough and feel great to play with. Most of all, though, kids will think it's cool to watch the vehicles climb up the track, spin around the loop, and hang upside down from the zip line.

Who It’s For

Hot Wheels is a classic boys' toy filled with action and fun. (However, that doesn't mean that some girls won't enjoy racing cars, too.) The cars are chunky enough for small hands to grasp. The recommended age for this product is 4 and up.

What to Be Aware of

In order to get the vehicles to move, kids must slowly rev the car backwards. Revving the car too fast or in the wrong direction will result in a car that barely moves on the track. The playset is also not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Assembly of the playset is required.