WWE Rumblers Figures

from Mattel


  • WWE Ultimate Entrance Stage
  • Create a WWE Superstar Triple H Gladiator Set
  • Create a WWE Superstar Kane Rocker Set
  • Create a WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Lucha Set
  • WWE Double Attack Big Show
  • WWE Double Attack Daniel Bryan
  • WWE Double Attack John Cena
  • WWE Double Attack Ryback
  • WWE Double Attack Total Control Takedown
  • WWE Super Strikers John Cena


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What It Is

What It Is

You've never seen wrestlers like this before. WWE Rumblers Figures measure anywhere from two to four inches tall and include such superstar favorites as John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and more. WWE figures and playsets have never been made in this scale before, and these are well-priced for collectability.

The complete line has been designed to inspire lots of creative play as kids create their own action-packed WWE storylines and recreate favorite matches. The Rumblers Figure Plus Accessory Assortment comes with one figure and an action-packed accessory, such as a blast-away wall, spinning wall, or collapsing grave. The Rumblers Figure Plus Deluxe Accessory Assortment packages one figure with an extreme WWE environment, such as a Steel Cage Tower. The Rumblers Two-Pack Assortment comes with two figures.

Why It’s Fun

These are not your standard wrestling action figures. These are miniature-sized figures perfect for collecting, which is especially appealing to kids who like to have lots of something they are into. Though Rumblers are small, they still feature big, exaggerated muscles and iconic poses of the wrestlers. Kids will like collecting all the figures in the line, as well as recreating favorite WWE matches and playing out new ones.

Who It’s For

Rumblers figures are definitely geared toward boys, especially boys with an interest in wrestling and the WWE. The unique look of these figures and their collectability may garner some attention from non-wrestling fans, as well. Even adult fans may want a piece of the collectible action.

What to Be Aware of

Unlike Mattel's other WWE action figures, Rumblers figures are not fully poseable. The arms move up and down and the heads and waists move side to side. There's still plenty of play value with these smaller figures. For those who want them, there are plenty of figures that are close replicas of the wrestlers, but that's not the point here. These are intended to have a unique look and play pattern. In fact, they're kind of cute, which is amazing when you think of what the real wrestlers look like, but that's what makes them accessible and fun for kids.