Hot Wheels ZipBins

from Neat-Oh!

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Product Information

  • Hot Wheels ZipBins from Neat-Oh!
  • Part of the ZipBin brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

What's the flashiest way to bring your Hot Wheels cars everywhere? Hot Wheels ZipBins. The Wheelie PlayPack and the Patch Racer Backpack (sold separately) offer kids a creative way to play with their Hot Wheels and a unique storage solution for when playtime is done. With ZipBins, just zip up the toys for easy clean-up! Everything stores inside the ZipBin. This is an innovative solution that makes clean-up part of the play.

The Wheelie PlayPack features flashy Hot Wheels rim and racing treads along with a two-lane drag racing track and a Hot Wheels car.

Unzip the Patch Racer Backpack to reveal a two-lane drag strip with winding cityscape in the background. The car's body is integrated into the shape of the backpack with a sewn-on Hot Wheels patch on the hood. Throw it over your shoulder to take racing action with you wherever you go.


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