E-Z Machines Radio Control

from Toy State

Product Information

  • E-Z Machines Radio Control from Toy State
  • Part of the CAT Preschool brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 2 and up

What It Is

For preschoolers who like to build and tear down, CAT E-Z Machines R/C offer the look of a real CAT machine and let kids play out construction (or demolition) scenarios. The E-Z Machines Radio Control collection features an easy-to-operate, one-button remote control, which is easy for preschoolers to use. Simply press the singular remote button and the machine bolts forward. Release the button and it spins. The remote also activates an elevated, motorized bucket and dump bed. There are two models available in the line: CAT Dump Truck and CAT Wheel Loader.
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