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The next generation of toy robots comes with advanced technology, a smaller size, and a more affordable price. Combining R/C with robot play, Zibits is a new line of mini collectible robots that come to life with the use of a remote control. At a size of just over two inches tall, these mini robots can move in several directions—including a full 360-degree rotation—and make cool sound effects. Each of the 12 Zibits comes with a name and a back story (Clunk's specialty is junkyard renewal. Dex is a jokester who tries to make science fun.), giving each robot its own personality. There are also Zibits playsets, sold separately, including the Power Lab, Zorr Mine Shaft, Z Rail Power Strip, and a Z Crane, so kids can form their own buildable and expandable world of Zibits. And kids can play games with the Zibits characters on an iPhone thanks to a Zibits game app, also sold separately. All 12 Zibits feature unique and fun designs that will appeal to kids. Parents will like that Zibits cost less than $10, making it easy and affordable for kids to collect Zibits.

Miniature robots have been popular for a long time, but what's great about these is the miniaturization of the R/C technology and the great price point that allows a rich play experience for not a lot of money. Particularly for today's kids who live in a tech-rich world, the level of sophisticated features combined with a classically appealing play pattern is pretty ingenious.

In addition, the extraordinary design of these robots has a very contemporary, fashionable look. In fact, they look so cool, parents won't mind them being left around the house. (Though kids should always pick up their toys.)