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What It Is

The popular party game Wits and Wagers has gotten a family style makeover. Wits and Wagers Family features 300 questions that kids will most likely know the answers to—they might even know more than their parents! The rules and scoring system have also been simplified so that the game is easier to learn and play for kids. The game can be played by up to five individuals or teams. One player reads a question and everyone writes a guess on his or her answer board. Place your answer face-up on the table so everyone can see it. Feeling confident about your guess? Place a Meeple (a person-shaped wooden piece) on it to try and score more points. Think mom knows better? Place a Meeple on her guess. Now it's time to reveal the correct answer. The person with the winning guess scores one point and players with a Meeple on the winning guess can win one or two points. The first player or team to 15 points wins. Wits and Wagers Family is a simple and fast-paced game (one game takes about 20 minutes to play) that is perfect for family game night.

The best part of Wits and Wagers Family is that you don't really have to know the answers to the questions. The game is all about guessing and then betting on whose answer sounds the most correct. You'll also learn a lot of interesting trivia and facts as you play.

Wits and Wagers Family comes with 150 question cards, five dry-erase answer boards, five dry-erase pens, five large Meeples, five small Meeples, one dry-erase score board, and rules.