The Baffler

from Ceaco



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

This puzzle might truly puzzle you! The Baffler series is a new jigsaw puzzle concept created by artist Chris Yates. Each puzzle image is randomly designed and cut in the oddest ways to make it as tricky as possible. Baffler puzzles have no straight edges, no overlapping images, and many unique shapes.

Each of the three puzzles in the series has a unique piece count: 67 pieces, 69 pieces, and 78 pieces. There are three different puzzles in the series featuring Yates' creations—Spiral of Archimedes, The Nonagon, and Bindu Truss. These colorful puzzles will definitely be a challenge to even the most skilled puzzle fan. We recommend buddying up with someone or getting the whole family together to complete The Baffler puzzles.