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What It Is

Families that play together, stay together. That is the philosophy behind ZimZala Games, a new games brand from the people behind I Can Do That! Games. Designed for older kids and those who are still kids at heart, ZimZala's games are crafted to deliver fun, healthy competition, and long-lasting play value.

One of ZimZala's first games is the gravity-defying word game Konexi. Stack letters, build words, but don't let the tower fall. Konexi is a 3D word-building game where players take turns adding letters to a teetering tower of words. Go for longer words—up, down, or sideways—to score more points. Letters can be in any order, but must at least be connected to make a word. Watch out, though—you can only use one hand to add the letter to the tower, so keep it steady or you could bring the tower down. If you do cause the tower to fall, the game isn't over yet. You simply lose three points and building starts again. The first player to 20 points is the winner. The game comes in a trapezoid-shaped box with 26 3D stacking letters, a Konexi die, a score pad, a pencil, a mover token, and game rules. It is for two to four players.

Konexi is sort of like Scrabble meets Jenga. If you love word games but are looking for something with a new challenge, Konexi has got it. It's perfect for family game night or parties.