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What It Is

Are you a Bezzerwizzer? Trivia, tactics, and trickery come together in Bezzerwizzer, a popular European game making its way to America this year. This game is a new twist on trivia with 20 categories of questions, plus stealing and tile-swapping for fast-paced game play. It's not enough just to know all the answers in the different categories, though. You have to be a savvy strategist and lucky to win at this game. The gameplay is designed so that at any time, opponents can steal cards, change the configuration of the board and take away advantages. This adds an exciting dimension to the play that makes it more than just a traditional trivia game.

The game comes with a board, four tile boards, 20 category tiles, eight Bezzerwizzer tiles, four ZWAP tiles, four playing pieces, a box for question cards, 200 questions cards with 4,000 questions, a bag, and rules.

By the way, Bezzerwizzer means "know-it-all" in Danish.