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What It Is

For parents who are looking for toys with a "green" element, CitiBlocs may be a good choice. These are basic building sets, but the environmentally friendly aspect is what contributes to the $44 price for the sets.

CitiBlocs are simple, precision-cut wooden plank sets, and this year, they're available in a wider variety of colors. The new packaged sets will be available in three different color variations: Hot, Cool, and Natural. The 200-piece Hot Colors Set includes red, yellow, orange, pink, and natural-colored planks. The 200-piece Cool Colors Set includes blue, green, turquoise, dark green, and natural-colored planks. CitiBlocs' cornerstone product, the natural planks, will also be available in a Natural set with the new packaging.

All CitiBlocs sets, both colored and natural, are made from precision-cut pine, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Plus, there's no need for additional wood, snaps, or connectors to hold the blocks together. For its colored planks, CitiBlocs uses certified water-based stains, which the pine naturally absorbs. The water-based stains give the planks vibrant color, and each stain color is tested and verified to be lead-free. CitiBlocs also keeps packaging purposefully minimal to reduce use of natural resources.