Chimp and Zee Shopping Cart Dash

from Pressman Toy



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What It Is

The Chimp and Zee line of preschool specialty games has been developed over the past three years with the help of teacher and parent input. The line includes an array of games and puzzles that are easy for parents to set up, fun for kids, take only 10 minutes to play, and make practicing memory, counting, communication, and sharing skills fun. They also draw on common, daily experiences of kids—from shopping to laundry and much more.

The latest in the line is the Chimp and Zee Shopping Cart Dash game that gives kids the chance to take their moveable shopping carts and shopping lists, and race along the supermarket aisles to collect fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. The first player to fill his shopping cart with the six items on the list and pay for them wins. This game helps children with colors, counting, and matching. Shopping Cart Dash comes with a 3-D supermarket shelf, four 3-D shopping carts with moveable wheels, 36 item cards, 36 coins, and six shopping lists. The game is for two to four players.