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What It Is

Children can immerse themselves into an imaginary world of fantasy with the Bayala collection from Schleich. Complete with elves, dragons, Pegasus, and unicorns, the magical Bayala capitalizes on the popularity of fantasy worlds with a unique, richly decorated and highly detailed collection that provides kids with endless possibilities for individual or cooperative imaginative play. They're ideal for tweens for whom the lines between playing, collecting and decorating blur. This line lets kids do all three beautifully.

Feya has always been one of the most popular Bayala characters, and in 2010 this figure is presented in a standing pose, which will enhance the story during play. New figures Marween, Lindariel, and Florindel all have a domestic animal (racoon, unicorn foal, kitten) as a companion, adding yet another dimension to the play.

The Unicorn, rearing figure is up on its hind legs, showing off details of artwork on its rear legs and white mane and tail. This creature's golden horn shines like a torch from the center of its head.

There are two new Pegasus figures—Pegasus, standing and Pegasus Foal. Both feature glittery wings, and the foal has a glittering mane.

These figures are great for kids but the amount of detail also makes them perfect for adult collectors or to share between generations.