Air Hogs Hawk Eye

from Spin Master


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The Air Hogs R/C line continues to push the limits with its new helicopter that blends the boundaries between flight, aerial videography, and digital media. The Hawk Eye is the first indoor video camera helicopter that can capture up to five minutes of video (320x240 pixels at full color) or hundreds of photos (640x480 pixels at full color) all while it's flying in the sky! Once done, simply hook the Hawk Eye up to a computer (PC or Mac) via the supplied USB cable and instantly download the files to view, share, and edit. No added software is needed to view the files. The Hawk Eye comes with free access to a unique Air Hogs video editing platform on Kids can easily personalize their videos and photos by adding cool sounds, images, and words, then showcases the video creations online and to friends.

The Hawk Eye introduces two great new features. The first is Steady-Fly Technology, which automatically balances the helicopter while in flight to create a smooth, steady flight experience, making it perfect for capturing images. The Hawk Eye also charges through the computer instead of using batteries. So once kids have uploaded and viewed their videos and picture, Hawk Eye is ready for its next mission.

The technology on this is impressive and kids are really going to love making their own movies and taking pictures in such a unique and fun way. There is a learning curve on this, and it can be difficult to control the video shots, but the fun in this is in the ability to take the video, not in creating the highest quality videos.