Silly Bandz

from BCP Imports, LLC

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What It Is

By now you've probably seen tons of kids—girls and boys—wearing brightly colored bracelets on their wrists. What's it all about? They're Silly Bandz and they are the hottest new fashion accessory for kids right now! Colorful Silly Bandz are made of silicone and die molded in many different fun shapes. There are themes for girls and boys, including dinosaurs, western, rainforest, beach, and even Marvel Comics Silly Bandz featuring favorite superheroes. You can't tell what shape the Bandz are while kids are wearing them, but take the Bandz off and they return to their original shape. Kids love collecting them, wearing them, and even trading them with friends! Parents love that Silly Bandz are an inexpensive item (a 24-pack costs under $5) that brings their kids tons of fun.


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