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What It Is

This new game is part of a growing trend in games in which one player judges others on their moves or choices. In Bubble Talk, the challenge is to see who's the funniest at matching captions to pictures. Each player draws seven cards, each with a caption on it. The judge turns over a photo, and players compete to see who has the funniest caption to go with the picture. The winner keeps the picture card and the turn passes with a new player serving as judge. The game includes 150 photos and 300 different captions. The game play is fast, and varies based on who's playing. The game is likely to have broad appeal, and it's great for people of different ages to play together, particularly since senses of humor can vary widely at different ages. Some people may consider some of the captions slightly vulgar, but only implicitly. This is a strong addition to your collection of family games.