WaterWheel Play Table

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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The WaterWheel Play Table has cool falling water action that encourages hours of outdoor fun and imaginative play. The water pours through the funnel to activate the wheel, which then spills into inner and upper harbors. There are two separate sections that function as canals, moats, or lakes—whatever kids want to call them. The table also has an elevated height that puts the play area right at toddler arms' reach for easier and more comfortable play. (The elevated height also helps keep the floor and play area clean, although there might still be a few water spills, which is why this is recommended for outdoor use.) Up to three children can comfortably play at the WaterWheel Play Table at once, which is great for fostering social interaction. The WaterWheel Play Table comes with a four-piece accessory set that includes one cup, two sailboats, and a water wheel tower. The WaterWheel can hold up to four gallons of water. It also has a drain plug for easy clean-up. Minimal adult assembly is required. The WaterWheel Play Table shouldn't be left outdoors in cold temperatures.