Iron Man 2 3.75-inch Movie Action Figures

from Hasbro



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What It Is

Bring the action and excitement of the new Iron Man 2 (in theaters May 7, 2010) to life with the new Iron Man 2 3.75-inch Movie Action Figures. The line includes 17 Iron Man action figures, as well as five supporting characters and villains. And not only do the figures feature multiple points of articulation, but they also include a display stand and collectible Armor Cards. Each set of cards displays different parts of an Iron Man suit. By overlaying the cards on each other, fans can create more than 46 different suits of armor.

These action figures are the best of both worlds-full of playability for young fans, yet the perfect collector's items for older fans and adults. Reflecting the current trends in action figures, Hasbro has built in a lot more play value with interchangeable pieces and additional accessories designed to create a rich, imaginative play experience.