Flitter Fairies

from William Mark Corporation



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Well, everyone knows that fairies are magical, but do people really believe? Kids can make true believers out of almost anyone with a sense of fun and a little imagination.

The tiny fairies have wings that beat and lights that sparkle when the fairy is lifted off the ground, but the real magic happens with the addition of Pixie Silk. This almost invisible filament attaches to the fairy and to a barrette that goes in the hair. Then, using the magic wand, kids can make the fairies seem to fly as if at their command.

Kids will love creating the sense of magic as they play, and with a little practice they can make these seem to come to life. They're perfectly scaled for little girls.

An adult should put the fairy together, and attaching the Pixie Silk can be a little complicated, especially if, like us, it's sometimes tough to make little things fit together. The silk will break from time to time, but there are several strands included with each fairy, and additional Pixie Silk is sold separately.

These fairies are the centerpieces of an entire world, and there's a novel about the world coming later in 2010. For now, the magic is in the toy. This is basically simple, but a wonderful springboard for imaginative play.