BFC, Ink dolls

from MGA Entertainment



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What It Is

Girls and their best friends are often inseparable and the BFC, Ink doll line embraces the excitement that comes from belonging to a group of friends. BFC, Ink (which stands for Best Friends Club, Ink) is a line of large dolls that come with relatable fashions and interactive journals meant to inspire girls to discover their individuality and focus on the experiences of real girls.

New to the lineup of dolls are twin sisters Aliesha and Noelle. Aliesha is trendy and popular but can be a bit bossy. Noelle is the girl next door and everyone's friend. Both characters are available as 18-inch dolls that come with two fashion outfits, cool accessories, a journal with lock and key, and a unique membership card. The membership card can be used to unlock secret games on the BFC, Ink website, Also on the website, girls can read their favorite characters' blogs (other characters include Kaitlin, Calista, and Addison) and get the scoop on how to create their very own clubs!

BFC, Ink is a fun doll line for girls that not only offers realistic and age-appropriate fashions, which Moms will like, but it also offers unique ways for girls to interact with their friends and be creative.