Start Your Senses Activity Mat

from Bright Starts



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Plop an infant down and he or she will naturally begin exploring. The Start Your Senses Activity Mat offers plenty for babies to play with and explore. The playmat is created with sensory stimulating principles that encourage the kind of natural, exploratory activity that's appropriate as they are developing. It serves the place of a variety of infant toys, all in one inclusive, portable set.

The soft prop pillow promotes tummy time. Large unbreakable plastic mirrors encourage visual exploration as babies begin to recognize themselves in the reflection. The on-the-go mobile has lights, nine melodies and sounds, and three soft bugs. Graphic cards are dual-sided with high-contrast images and baby faces (Babies are fascinated by watching other babies.) that help them to discern shapes, patterns and colors. A water-filled teether, spiral bead chaser, and apple rattle encourage babies to reach and grasp, developing their fine motor skills.

Moms and caregivers will like that the Start Your Senses Activity Mat is machine washable and that it folds up easily for storage and carrying on the go.