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What It Is

This spring Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, the third season of the Bakugan animated TV series, will launch along with a new lineup of Bakugan characters, an all-new Bakugan Massively Multiplayer Online Game, and the most incredible Bakugan Brawlers game-enhancing accessory yet: Bakugan Battle Gear. The most dynamic new Bakugan characters are being introduced, featuring new looks, attack features, shapes, and sizes. Bakugan is a strategic trading card game that includes the fun of transforming action figures. The brand has reenergized boys' action toys and continues to do so with new gaming strategies and shooting skills that take competition to a whole new level.

Bakugan characters are available in an assortment of packs with hundreds of unique Bakugan warriors to bring into battle. New characters will be introduced throughout the year!

Increase your Bakugan's G-power strength with the new Bakugan Battle Gear. Each Battle Gear includes an Ability Card and a Metal Gate Card.

Everything you need to be the ultimate Bakugan Brawler comes in the Brawler Game Pack, including two Bakugan, two Bakugan Battle Gear, a Bakugan Super Assault, and five Ability and five Gate Cards.

Transform your favorite Deka-sized Bakugan warrior into an awesome fighting monster with the BakuMorph. It comes with a deluze, Deka-sized Bakugan and a Metal Gate Card.