Aqua Sand

from Spin Master



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What It Is

Aqua Sand is not like ordinary sand. When you pour Aqua Sand into water, then take the sand out of the water, it comes out instantly dry! Aqua Sand never gets wet! This amazing sand lets kids build underwater sculptures, pillars, and other creations using plastic molds, special tools, and plenty of imagination. Best of all, Aqua Sand can be used over and over again.

There are a variety of Aqua Sand kits that let kids create underwater worlds. The Mermaid Island and Ocean Adventure Creation Kits, each sold separately, include two 2-ounce bottles of Aqua Sand, a two-in-one scoop/rake tool, an easy-sculpt nozzle, an underwater castle, a figure, a water tank, and a background graphic poster.

Aqua Sand Bottle Kits are available as single-bottle or double-bottle kits. Each kit includes Aqua Sand, a scoop/rake tool, and an easy-sculpt nozzle.

The Polar Playground is the ultimate Aqua Sand playground! Create Aqua Sand creations on top of the mountain. Cascade water down the iceberg, over the waterfall, and over the creations. It comes with two six-ounce bottles of Aqua Sand, a tank with a water pump and graphic, a scoop/rake tool, an easy-sculpt nozzle, and three penguin characters.

While Aqua Sand is really fun to play with, the combination of sand and water has the potential to be messy. Aqua Sand kits are probably best played with outdoors or on a covered indoor surface.